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Hypotrochoids bring back beautiful memories of lines, complex curves, gears in different sizes and coloured pens. These are mathematical curves traced by a point in a circle(your pen) rolling around the inside of a bigger circle. These curves have been studied by mathematicians for centuries. The range of bookmarks, handmade journals and envelopes have been inspired from hypotrochoid drawing sets.

Set Descending Direction
  • Bookmark Ornament Hypo Flower

  • Notecard Tag Hypo Small

  • Notecard with Envelopes Hypo Set of 20

  • Envelope Hypo

  • Notebook Journal Hypo Large

  • Notebook Journal Hypo Small

  • Jewelry Pendant Goldplated Hypo

  • Brass Ornamental Card Holder GP Hypo

  • Scale Ornamental GoldPlated Hypo S

  • Wooden Decorative Tableware Coaster Hypo

  • Whitewood Serving Tray Small - Hypo


Set Descending Direction